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Ala’s Story of Belonging

During Ala’s childhood in Moldova, she saw violence, alcoholism, and fractured relationships. For her physical protection, she was separated from her siblings and placed in an orphanage. 

If she had one word to describe her life there, it would be “hopeless.” 

“I felt like I was truly alone in this world, and that no one could understand me,” she said.

When Ala was 16, she was offered the opportunity to join JMI’s Transitional Living program. At our Grace House, she was given hope and a future through the love of Christ. She believes that her difficult past helped her embrace Jesus. God also used the love of her JMI sponsor to make a significant impact on her life. 

“To have a sponsor means to always be cared for,” she said. “Now I really can say that I am loved. Now I can really say that I am not left behind.”

Ala finished school and graduated from our Transitional Living and Independent Living Programs. She now works for JMI as a Sponsorship Coordinator. She realized that God had called her to help vulnerable, orphaned, and abandoned children in similar situations that she experienced.

“I am so happy to be used by God to support these children and to help personally disciple them,” she said. “I do this, not because I’m worthy, but because He is and He loves them like He loves me, and He teaches me to give love back to them.” 

She also dreams of one day being a sponsor, too. 

If she had one word to describe her life now, Ala says it would be “beloved.”  Watch a quick update video from Ala and Alina.

As we look back at God’s faithfulness through JMI, we praise Him for full-circle stories like Ala’s. She is one of a handful of staff in Moldova who graduated from our program and now pour their hearts into the next generation. 

We believe the future of our ministry will allow us to make a difference for many more vulnerable children. Instead of ending up on the streets or worse, we want them to have hope and a future through Christ. Will you join this next chapter of our work by making a gift?

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