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A Young Man in Moldova Who Deserves a Special Sponsor

Occasionally I hear a story about some child from Moldova that deserves special consideration.  Here is the message I received this morning from Alina, our National Director:

Yesterday we went to Risipeni village.  There is a boy whose name is Artiom.  He is in grade 9 now and would like to continue his studies in Chisinau after that.  But his family cannot help him.  His mother passed away and he has no father.  He wants to continue his studies either in sports college or medical college.  When he came we offered him the clothes we brought but he answered that there were other kids who had more need than he did.  So that was surprising.  I am attaching his photo.  I think he can be considered as a potential Transitional Living candidate for our Boys2Leaders program.  If you think you can find a sponsor for him, I will send you more info on him. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a child in Moldova defer to others in need.  One of the first experiences I had in the country was seeing selected impoverished children give away the promise of a daily nutritious meal to classmates who they felt were in worse condition than themselves (and these were kids whose only certain meal was the bread and soup they got at school each afternoon)!  Needless to say, Artiom reminded me of those incredible children.

Risipeni is a very poor village with absolutely no opportunities for a young man like Artiom.  As a social orphan now, his chances of succeeding in life would be virtually non-existent.  But God has obviously given him a good, compassionate heart and has put him in our path.

I would love to find either one sponsor who would pick up Artiom’s full sponsorship in our Boys2Leaders program of $280 per month, or two sponsors who would fund him at $140 per month.

If you are willing to not only support Artiom financially, but commit to communicating with him regularly, speaking the love and encouragement of Jesus into his life, please email [email protected] today and immediately begin to redeem his life!



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