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A Trip of “Firsts” (Moldova)

We have been breaking new ground all week. This is Thursday evening, well Friday now, and the house is finally quiet. We have just settled in after the completion of our time working in Balti. We head back to Chisnau in the morning where we look forward to the Art Market and hanging out with the Grace House girls.

However, we want to share our list of “new” experiences from our trip thus far.This is Lori blogging but I want to let you know that the entries on this list are a collection of thoughts from our entire team. It’s brought to you with joy and laughter!

This was the first trip for. . .

  • the fabulous Grinaulti & Costesti orphanages
  • renting someones personal residence for our team house. (very nice indeed)
  • nightly meals at the Ole Russian Tavern and lunches at the pink bar
  • military men marched down the street in front of our house. (may have been an Ambian moment)
  • bag of “white regular” ice cream (aka vanilla)
  • lost passports
  • making friends with Polish bikers (of course this was initiated by our team member who leads The Faith Riders)
  • some shared double beds
  • live accordian music by the bus driver (thankfully he wasn’t driving)
  • an evening stroll down main street in Balti
  • swimming in the Prut River
  • Moldovan funeral procession down the village road with an open casket in the wagon followed by a Marti Gras band
  • viewing the Romanian border and being viewed by the border patrol
  • wagon rides with babuska’s
  • bible lesson taught with candy (awesome job Pastor Paul)
  • Moldovan pop songs in musica

So you say, this sounds interesting and you may have to check it out for yourself soon! Here are the top 10 things you will look forward to if you come:

  • 10. Harry’s pocket knife, a fresh loaf of Moldovan bread, and sliced cheese
  • 9. all the bottled water you can drink
  • 8. ear plugs
  • 7. photo and/or bathroom stops in the sunflower fields
  • 6. Mamalega
  • 5. the Metro (Moldovan Sam’s Club)
  • 4.fans
  • 3.tearful goodbyes with the orphans
  • 2. moist towellets
  • 1. cute kids playing “hot bingo”

Guest blogged by LORI CAMPBELL.

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