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A Calling Like No Other

Pays for one pastor or pastor’s wife to attend the annual jungle pastor conference.

This time of year we are usually preparing to travel to the Amazon for our Jungle Pastors’ Conference. Pastors and their wives would be starting their preparation and travel, sometimes days in a small canoe, simply to attend the conference they know and love. Why? Because they are hungry for more of Jesus, and in need of a community that understands the difficult, but incredible calling God has placed on their lives. Throughout this special week, God provides them with much needed teaching, refreshment and encouragement, as they continue to work in some of the most difficult and remote places on the planet. But this is not a normal year!

The Amazon has been struck tragically with COVID-19 and our Pastors and their wives are working harder than ever to deliver food, provide medical supplies, and minister to the communities around them; all while trying to take care of their own families. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, and although we cannot physically be with them during this time, we can stand with them in prayer! Please will you join us in praying over these faithful men and women who selflessly give their lives to others, all in the name of Jesus.


– Protection against COVID-19 as they travel and visit people in different communities.

– Provision in both food and medical supplies, for their family and the community.

– Wisdom and discernment as they face different challenges each day.

– God to meet and encourage them daily, giving them the strength they need, knowing they are not in this alone.

– God to continue using them as the salt of the earth, and the light in the dark; that many would come to  know Jesus as their Lord and Savior during this time.

For more information about our Pastors and how to support them click here.
Thank you for joining us in prayer!

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