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Six Years of Jungle Pastors’ Conferences

We’re Back From the Amazon!

“Washing the feet of the pastors and their wives was such a sacred and beautiful time.I kept thinking about the passage in Romans 10 about how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel. Those feet were so beautiful. They had walked far to get to the conference and they walk faithfully in their villages as they share Jesus. What an honor and blessing to wash their feet.”

 Selma Wilson, Vice President & CPO
LifeWay Christian Resources

“It is impossible to fully describe the blessings that the pastors shower on us who participate in the Amazonian Pastor’s Conference expecting to bless them.The joy and the manifestation of their grateful hearts feed us spiritually and do so in abundance.The fellowship that we experience during the week is but a small glimpse of what heaven will look like!” 

 David Shedd
U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

“A jungle pastor and his wife shared that they came to the conference last year seeking help and hope. Their church had about 15 people. After the conference, they implemented all they had learned and prayed for God to reach their village for Christ. This year, they shared that their church has 70 people! Praise God! Thank you for praying and giving. God is using us together to reach the Amazon for Christ.” 

Jeff Simmons
Pastor and Author

The 6th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference has come and gone, and we are in awe of what our Good Father accomplished among us on the banks of the Amazon River last week. Our team of 21 teachers, leaders and pastors was joined by 59 Jungle Pastors and their wives. The week included: 

  • large group worship services
  • breakout sessions on topics ranging from church finance to marriage to children’s ministry
  • amazing meals
  • times of fun and fellowship

We were so honored to have some of the most respected Bible teachers and pastors with us, imparting wisdom to these faithful men and women that are serving in the darkest parts of the Jungle. It was truly a Sprit-filled week and God was at work in the hearts of his people there.

We want to express our deep gratitude to each and every sponsor and donor who makes this conference possible. We believe that it is having ripple effects all throughout the Amazon, and that eternity is being impacted through it.

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