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4th Annual Jungle Pastor’s Conference

One Month Away!

HB1_5356 (1)In four short weeks, a team of about 15 pastors, teachers, and staff from the U.S. and the U.K. will be heading to the Amazon. There, we will join 60 indigenous jungle pastors and wives for JMI’s 4th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference.This conference, held at the John Paculabo Center on the Rio Negro, is one of JMA’s flagship events. This year is set to be our largest conference yet. The week will consist of teaching, ministry training, worship, fellowship, and more.

For nearly all of the pastors who attend, this is the only chance all year they get to be invested in and poured into. These bold, courageous men are caring for and shepherding souls all along the Amazon. They are preaching the gospel in the darkest of places. They are quietly walking in obedience in spite of serious physical and environmental obstacles like the annual flooding of the Amazon and lack of access to basic necessities like food and clean water. As these men and their wives are seeking Kingdom growth in the Amazon, our desire is that the Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference will be a place where they can learn from other experienced pastors, build community with one another, and be encouraged to continue serving their churches and communities for the sake of the Gospel.

How You Can be Involved

First, we need your prayer! This is our largest conference yet, and we are expectant and excited about what the Lord is going to do. Pray for:
– Travel for the Pastors and their wives as they journey to the conference. Many will travel for multiple days, by multiple modes of transportation to attend
– The team of pastors, teachers, and staff traveling from the U.S. and U.K. Pray for traveling saftey and a sensitivity to what the Lord would have us to teach, say, and do during our time together.
– A sense of true, Gospel-centered community to be built. Pray that bonds would be formed between pastors so that they will have others to lean on and labor with in their work.
– Ample Funds to be raised. Pray that the money needed to fund travel, boat upkeep, food, etc. would come in so that we can fully focus on ministry.
– Renewed vision and focus for all involved.


Give! We are still looking to raise $4,000 to fully fund our 2015 Pastors’ Conference.Because of an increase in attendance, the travel costs of getting the Pastors to and from the conference are higher than ever. If you would like to directly invest in the Gospel going forth throughout the Amazon, giving to the Pastors’ Conference is a great way to do that. Give Here: https://bit.ly/1wlLViM

Thank you for partnering with us as we seek to care for the poor and forgotten people of the Amazon. May the nations be glad!

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