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An Update from Cezara

The Refugee Crisis Continues


In Moldova, we are continuing to hear firsthand from refugees fleeing Ukraine. Refugees are fearful for the family they have still in Ukraine. Women worry about their husbands who are unable to join them across the border. Cezara Moscalciuc, the Head of the Crisis Response Team in Moldova, sat down with refugees in the Baltata refugee camp to hear from them directly.

The refugees in Baltata feel provided for. Their physical needs are being met and they are thankful for the support they are receiving from JMI. Emotionally, they are worried. They are scared for their families and husbands in Ukraine. Our staff on the ground is doing everything they can to comfort refugees as we provide them with much-needed supplies. JMI is hoping to provide the camp in Baltata with weekly hygiene and food supplies. Baltata receives new refugees daily and also sees a lot of transition, with many individuals moving on to try and get to Germany or Poland. We are thankful to be able to provide these resources to them.

Cezara and her team have also been working with numerous churches and groups of families, addressing the individual needs of hundreds of refugees. Our Crisis Response Coordinator, Inna, recently brought a large family, a supply of food bags, and hygiene supplies. A little girl asked her grandmother if all of the food was for them. “Granny, is this all for us? All these packages? The vegetables?” The little girl was shocked. The grandmother replied that yes, all the food was for them.

“Even the biscuits and sugar?” The grandmother laughed and affirmed that yes, everything was theirs! Inna later found out that the family had had very little to eat for the last two days. With each story like this that JMI receives, we are more and more amazed at how the Lord puts us in the path of those that need help.

JMI continues to work all around Moldova, serving with different churches, refugee camps, and organizations. Inflation continues to make work more and more difficult, but we can meet the needs of refugees. Many of the families coming into Moldova don’t have the food and medical supplies they need. Some families and children arrive sick from travel and the cold. As supporters of JMI’s work in Moldova, you are a part of bringing these refugees the aid that they need while fleeing their homes.

When asked how we can pray for JMI in Moldova and the needs there, Cezara asked us to pray for the refugees who have been in Moldova for a month and don’t know where their next steps will take them. She also asked us to pray for the young children who are in Moldova with their mothers and grandmothers. Thirdly, she asked us to pray for peace. Pray that the war and violence will end. Pray that families will be reunited.

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