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Winds of Change in Moldova

In recent days, the forced reduction in the number of orphanages in Moldova that has been going on now for three years has crept closer to the kids we know and love.  Rumors that Internat 2 will soon close or morph into serving some other purpose appear to be true.

At the same time, the International Mission Board is considering the sale of some of, if not all of, its properties in Moldova.  These have been bases of operation for us for eight years of service to the orphans.

The orphanage closures will, in my opinion, hurt more children than they help and in ways that are devastating, not just unfortunate.  Kids who come from impoverished or abusive families will be returned home without adequate investigation into the existing conditions.  Inevitably, many of them will end up living on the streets or sold into prostitution in just the same way this transition occurred in Romania previously.

It would appear that JMI needs to act decisively and proactively if we are to get out ahead of this crisis.  These children – the ones we have loved and invested ourselves in for years, and who have blessed our lives in return – are going to need a place to live and people who will care for them.  And we may very well need a place for our teams to use as a staging point for our mission work.

We are the hope of the orphans and we must begin to consider what is required to secure their futures.  As of today, I am initiating a capital campaign to raise money for a facility that will allow us to save as many lives as possible and, at the same time, provide us with space to continue our work on behalf of orphans.

We need what, for us, is an impossible amount of money:  $500,000.  For us, this is a wild dream….for God it is a mere detail.  But because God works through people, I’m asking for your prayers and efforts to connect JMI with anyone who might be of help in this effort.

If you or someone you know would like to make a gift toward what I’m now calling, Mercy House, please use that name to designate the gift.  I am always available to meet with potential donors and would appreciate any introduction you might afford me.

This is a challenge and an opportunity born out of crisis and a history of love.  Please consider what you can do to help us rescue as many children as possible in the brief amount of time that we have!

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