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“Clemency” is in the JMI House!

JMI is proud to announce a new partnership with the band “Clemency,” and what better name to carry our cause out around the country?!

Clemency is more or less synonymous with “mercy” which resonates perfectly with Justice and Mercy International.  But more importantly, we feel that the people behind the name are representative of what we’re all about.

Clemency is a band of brothers.  Jason and Paul Watkins are the kind of people you would be honored to have as your friends, especially if you appreciate things like authenticity, honesty, loyalty and a transparent passion to have their lives make a tangible difference in the world.  There is nothing frivolous or shallow about them personally or in their message….they’re the real deal and the kind of people you just want to win!

In their first CD entitled Vapors, the unmistakable message of a higher love and calling rises above the artistry of the arrangements, carried along by Jason’s smooth, clear vocals.  You won’t ever feel left behind wondering about a word or phrase you couldn’t quite make out.  Everything about the lyrics and arrangements is crisp and pitch-perfect and purposeful.

With this collaboration, Clemency becomes the first musical group to represent JMI.  They will advocate for our sponsorship program at their concerts, offer JMI t-shirts for sale and generally encourage people to get invested in missions, whether through us or any other helping organization.

I urge you to follow and support Clemency as they launch their ministry compelling the wounded, disillusioned and apathetic to consider a radical new way of being because of God’s consuming devotion.

Be sure to check out their website www.clemencyonline.com

Download their latest release on itunes for $9.99

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