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Sponsor Spotlight: Teresa Harris

It is such a joy to hear how God works through our child sponsorship program to not only change the lives of vulnerable children and families in Moldova and the Amazon, but also make a lasting impact on the sponsors themselves. Below is an inspiring Q&A with one of our sponsors, Teresa Harris (pictured second from left). She currently has 38 sponsorships, which include priority needs families, vulnerable children, and teens in Moldova.  

Q: How long have you been a sponsor?
A: I began my sponsorship in early 2020, the year of isolation. As people cried out to our Heavenly Father in hunger, fear and desperation, He heard their pleas. He spoke to my heart with urgency. He only needs one person to be obedient to His word. I am one. Are you? You can be one who makes a difference in someone’s life. 

Q: Why did you choose to sponsor with JMI?
A: In early 2020, I was watching a program on a Christian channel. They were spotlighting the work of a ministry in Moldova. I’d never heard of Moldova; it wasn’t on my radar of places of interest. I watched a series of videos from different ministries and countries. I prayerfully asked the Lord what I should do, what was on his heart. I waited. He drew me back to the Moldova story. I searched online and contacted JMI. Our journey began.
Their joy and gratitude to receive seasonal clothes, shoes and extra food bags makes my sacrifice to the Lord worthwhile. I give to Him and His family. These are my family.
Q: With Vulnerable Child sponsorships, you write letters back and forth with your child each month. Is there a particular letter you remember receiving that stuck with you?
A: Writing and receiving letters from my kids is interesting. It’s hard to write to someone you don’t know. But the important thing is to write, say something. Introduce yourself, tell about your childhood, how you overcame a challenge. How you accepted Jesus, happy news and sad news. They told me they don’t like online study, being away from teachers and friends. In winter, it’s cold, and they don’t have heat in their homes. In spring, summer and fall, their joy and gratitude to receive seasonal clothes, shoes and extra food bags makes my sacrifice to the Lord worthwhile. I give to Him and His family. These are my family. The Bible says we have all things in common. To withhold from someone truly in need is robbing God and yourself of a blessing. One mom glorified God and expressed gratitude. I’m thankful that God sent me from so far away to come into their life, across their path, to take notice of her child who needed diapers for his condition. They get a small government stipend, but it’s not enough to take care of daily needs or wants. Our financial support helps the child and family feel safe from predators who would promise jobs, food, clothes and then not deliver. You help keep them out of sex trafficking and other emotional abuses. 


Q: What do you think is the greatest benefit that your sponsored child receives through this program?
A: The most obvious and visible impact I’ve seen is the physical improvement in their bodies. The first pictures I see are of a sad, hungry and depressed child or family. As I receive letters and photos from them, I see improvement in appearance, growth and hope.  Most of them go to the monthly meeting and receive their gifts. I know they are hearing the Gospel, playing games and helping the JMI staff. The crushing poverty affects their spirit, soul and body. What you give for one child or family will bless, uplift and strengthen them until they are strong enough to leave the program. It’s two-way. God is working on you too, to trust Him to provide more, so you can give more. The Bible says He loves a cheerful giver. Put God first. If your heart is stingy, you give sparingly. If your heart is grateful and generous, you give abundantly. Giving to God is an act of faith and worship. He will fill your heart with joy after you give.

Q: If there is someone considering a commitment to sponsoring a child for the first time, is there any encouragement you’d like to give them?
A: You’ve read my letter, the words of my testimony. The rest is up to you. I can’t make you give to this ministry or any other ministry. If you want to disciple nations, each child or family is a nation wanting to hear and see the goodness of God. If you are an empty nester, children and families are waiting for you. They will love and pray for you. I am most touched when I read about a child giving, sharing something with their friend who doesn’t have a sponsor. What we give to the Lord lasts for eternity. The results are His. He keeps a record. If you do it for these, you are doing it for Him. God bless you as you enter into the Joy of the Lord!!


Taking the step to stand in the gap for a vulnerable child as a sponsor is one of the most meaningful ways to make a real, tangible difference in the life of an impoverished person a world away. Many sponsors who generously choose to support a child in need are surprised by what a personally rich and rewarding experience it can be.  You can learn more in our Complete Guide to Child Sponsorship. 

Are you ready to change a child’s life, as well as your own? Find a child to sponsor here: 


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  • Chris

    Teresa is a “saint of God” who’s being obedient to what she’s been entrusted with. Watching the Lord use her to impact so many lives blesses my heart.

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