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What is Pastoral Care and Why Is It Important?

Written by: Mike Minter  A seasoned pastor’s reflection on offering pastoral care in the Amazon and its ripple effect. Having spent many years in pastoral ministry, I continue to reflect on what I could have done better, and I desire to continually learn. There are, of course, many facets to …

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Thank You for Making a Difference in 2022

From responding to a crisis in Moldova to restarting pastors conferences in the Amazon, God provided help and hope to the vulnerable through JMI this year. WE couldn’t do it without you As we entered into 2022, the Lord knew what was coming, and He used many of you to …

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The Spirit is Alive in the Jungle

The 10th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference Last month a team from the US flew to Brazil to join our Justice & Mercy Amazon staff on the ground. Together they welcomed 57 pastors at the 10th annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference. Each day, our team sat and listened to story after story …

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In and Out of Time

“Preach the word, be prepared in time and out of time.” (2 Timothy 4: 2a) In time and out of time… That has been the word that comes to mind as the rivers in the Amazon reopened and we had the opportunity to lead 4 Brazilian teams to serve 8 different …

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Feeding the Hungry During COVID-19

The Poor, the Vulnerable, The Forgotten Almost 3 months ago we were faced with the need to help feed hundreds of children and families during a global pandemic. We knew we had to act fast, and somehow provide food and hygiene/medical supplies for already vulnerable children and families in Moldova …

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A Special Video Message From Kelly Minter

A Call to Give to the Amazon from Kelly Minter. Would you join us in reaching the ends of the earth with the love of Jesus? To show the people of the Amazon they are not forgotten. To bring health and dental care right to their village, and offer trainings that …

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The Life-Givers of the Jungle

Family Mission Trips  I remember coming home from my first trip to the Amazon in 2014. Amidst the boat traveling village ministry, our leaders made sure we had some time to enjoy the rainforest. My kids were thrilled to see snapshots of dad holding the caiman and even more so, …

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A New Boat To Reach The Ends Of The Earth

Planning For The Future of our Amazon Trips The Amazonas region of Brazil is vast in both size and need. Along the banks of the mighty Amazon River are villages of people that feel forgotten and unseen. Many have deep spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that are unmet. By God’s …

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We Need Your Prayers!

We are just days away from the 8th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference! On February 11th to 15th, our US and Brazilian teams will come together to host the 8th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference at the John Paculabo Center in the Amazon jungle.  The Jungle Pastors’ Conference is the centerpiece of …

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