What is it like to celebrate Christmas in Moldova?

It’s being with orphans who want nothing more than to be loved and to love back.  It’s giving gifts to kids who wouldn’t have received a single present.  It’s cold snowball fights and warm hugs.  It’s private fireworks displays.  It’s decorating stockings and filling them with goodies.  It’s movies and popcorn and gigantic pizza parties.  It is, for a few days at least, filling the deepest hole in a child’s life with laughter and love and the blessing that someone remembers them and values who they are.

Greater still, Christmas in Moldova is becoming the arms and feet and face of Christ.  It is telling His story and how that greatest of all stories finds its way into a remote orphanage, in a remote country, and wraps itself around an abandoned child’s life.

What a privilege we have to humble ourselves before Jesus with his hundreds of cold, red faces and wrap him; wrap her; in the warmth of our own loving arms!  What a privilege to be touched by Him and healed of our self-centered existence!

This IS what it’s all about.  Commitment Sunday is Nov. 7th, but don’t wait until then.  Contact [email protected] and make your decision to be a part of what God is doing in His Kingdom.  Then tweet, email or phone your friends to “come and see!”

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