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From the steamy Amazon to frigid Moldova and from South Africa to Franklin, TN, the staff of JMI want to wish you and yours a blessed, safe and merry Christmas!
We believe and are fond of saying that the children and families we serve, along with our supporters, are all part of one big connected family.  Some of us on our side of the globe have had the privilege of being introduced to our brothers and sisters on the other side.  Other introductions will be made in Heaven someday.  But I am convinced that no kindness or generosity on behalf of others will go unacknowledged or without full appreciation.
Our confession this Christmas is that Jesus Christ is behind every good gift, every successful programming idea and every redemptive relationship that emerges from JMI.
We glorify Him for revealing his birth to lowly shepherds and for allowing us to announce his coming to the orphaned and abandoned of Moldova in a few days.
We magnify Him for choosing to be born in humble Bethlehem and for our privilege of making room for his children in obscure Amazonian schools; to feed them in South African hamlets like Red Hill; and to care for them in our beautiful new transitional living home in tiny Moldova.
We praise Him for the Magi who sought him out with gifts and for those of you who have given so faithfully and sacrificially to his precious children through JMI.
Our Lord has done exceedingly more than we could ever ask or think in 2013 and we can’t wait to see what He will do in the coming year.  We sincerely hope His blessings and favor will rest abundantly upon you in 2014!

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