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Did you ever say or even think those words when you were growing up and playing sports?  Do you remember the unmitigated feeling of urgency and even desperation you felt to get in the game? 


I remember one baseball game in particular when I must have been about nine or ten years old.  I was a pitcher and my best  friend’s family was in town and had come to watch me play.  But on that night, our coach chose to pitch his son and I sat on the bench for the whole game in tears and humiliated.  In fact, I was so angry and ashamed at being overlooked that I quit the team.


One moment you’re busting with the desire to play; to get in and make your contribution.  In fact, you’re pretty uninhibited and shameless about being noticed and chosen.  The next moment you’re completely deflated.

I wonder how that kind of childhood experience plays out in our spiritual lives?  Am I the eager beaver on the bench frantically begging God to give me a chance to do something extraordinary, or the hurt and resentful kid, afraid to ever expose myself again to the pain of being disappointed? 

I think I know the “me” that Coach God prefers.  And this winter, I get to become that excited little boy again by spending my Christmas with children who also want to be noticed and included in something wonderful.

 Dec. 27th -Jan. 3rd is our annual Christmas in Moldova mission trip in which we bring all the joy of the season to orphaned, abandoned and destitute children.  I’m convinced that there is no better way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS… everyone gets in this game!

Christmas in Moldova is a kaleidoscope of sweet faces, singing carols, telling the story of the birth of Jesus, doing crafts, filling stockings, wrapping presents, watching movies with popcorn and cokes, visits from Father Christmas and sharing hugs and smiles and laughter.  For many of those children it is unlike anything they will have ever experienced before!

Right now we have 11 people committed to our team.  Although that isn’t too concerning this early in the game, it is not enough to haul gifts over for 250 or more children.  We’d love to double that number so no child goes overlooked.

Please contact steve@justiceandmercy.org if you want in this game.  A trip cost of $2500 is only guaranteed through the end of August. 

P.S.  Our first Christmas in Moldova meeting will be at Panera Bread on Sunday, Sept. 8th at 12:30 p.m.  Y’all come!

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