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JMI January Update!

There is a line from the song, “Amazing Grace,” that asks us to consider a point in the future “when we’ve been there 10,000 years.”  I think it is a given that God has an unlimited amount of creativity, knowledge and wisdom yet to reveal to us; enough to preoccupy most all of those years.  But there is Biblical evidence that some of our memories will be preserved as well, so I ask you:  Do you have enough great remembrances to last you those first 10,000 years?  How about 100 years?  Maybe 1 year?

Don’t find yourself on heaven’s doorstep with nothing to talk about!  Here are some incredible and diverse mission opportunities capable of making memories that will last beyond your lifetime.  The more arduous and sacrificial the trip, the sweeter those memories will be!

Although there is always room on our trips for those without any particular skills sets, there are also some very interesting and unique opportunities for medical, dental, construction, artistic and landscaping experienced people as well.  Imagine yourself on one of the following adventures:


  • Mission Trip Dates:  April 15-23
  • Registration Due Date:  Sunday, February 13
  • Mission:  To serve in and around the city of Mumbai’s red light district.  On this trip we will work with orphans and the children of prostitutes as well as some of the prostitutes who have been released from their bondage.  We have the opportunity to speak words of love and grace into their lives and celebrate the power of Christ’s redemption.
  • Physical Demands of the Trip:  Moderate (Challenges:  long flight; heat; emotional toll; food variances)
  • Volunteers Needed:  Limited to 6….no specific skills required, though medical personnel with STD diagnostic experience would open up additional opportunities.
  • Cost of Trip:  $2450



  • Mission Trip Dates:  May 28-June 4
  • Informational Meeting:  Sunday, Feb. 27, 12:45 at the Bunganut Pig on Columbia Ave.
  • Mission:  To help establish plantations (large gardens) in 2 villages and provide training in crop management; to interview families for needs assessment and sponsorship opportunities; to provide parenting training for young mothers; to provide spiritual encouragement to churches; to assess the implementation of a chicken farm.
  • Physical Demands of the Trip:  Moderate to High (Challenges:  heat; sleep on a boat in hammocks; malaria and yellow fever precautions)
  • Volunteers Needed:  Limited to 12….no specific skills required, though people with gardening/farming experience and medical personnel would be very helpful.
  • Cost of Trip:  $2400




  • Mission Trip Dates:  July 1-9; July 9-17
  • Informational Meeting:  Sunday, Feb. 6, 2:00 in the WareHouse Backyard 
  • Mission:  To conduct summer camps for orphans; to gather sponsorship information for new children; to encourage JMI’s transitional living kids. 
  • Physical Demands of the Trip:  Moderate (Challenges:  long days; warm days; continuous activity) 
  • Volunteers Needed:  no specific skills required.
  • Cost of Trip:  $2500



  • Mission Trip Dates:  Early fall
  • Informational Meeting:  TBA
  • Mission:  To begin reconstruction work on a Baby Village facility damaged by flood waters (build a rock retaining wall; repair buildings; electrical; well); to work with children at the Hands and Feet orphanage in Jacmel.
  • Physical Demands of the Trip:  Moderate to High (Challenges:  heat; cold showers; food and water precautions; malaria and cholera precautions; political instability)
  • Volunteers Needed:  Limited to 6 men and 6 women….construction skills; childcare experience; artists to paint decorative murals on the Baby Village walls; landscaping.
  • Cost of the Trip:  $1800

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