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Far as the Curse is Found: A #GivingTuesday Challenge

I am quick to forget the weight and meaning found in the sacred Advent season that is upon us.

When I consider Christmas, I am tempted to think only of a twinkling Christmas tree and stockings hung over a crackling fire.  I think of holiday parties, little nativity scenes displayed around the house, and my mom’s pecan pie.  I think of all the extra things that come along with this season of celebration. But I forget the deeply personal implications that Christmas carries for me, a sinner in need of saving.

I forget that the birth of the Savior means a rest for a weary world.

I forget that the coming of this Jesus means true and lasting joy for broken people.

I forget that this baby in a manger is the hope of nations.

I forget that this promised One came to make His blessing flow, “far as the curse is found.”

In so many ways, Christmas is about justice. The coming of the long-awaited Messiah to bring peace, once and for all, to a fallen world, is at the core of the Christmas message.  This year, let’s not miss it: the baby in that tidy nativity scene is the promise One, here to bring His Law of Love and His Gospel of Peace to every tribe and tongue. He came in the most humble of ways, born to be the ransom for many, and “in His name all oppression shall cease.”

So, would you join us this year, as we seek to remember those that Jesus spent himself on behalf of? Join us tomorrow on #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. Partner with JMI tomorrow, December 2 to care for the poor, orphaned, and forgotten. This Christmas, we want to make much of the Savior, the dear desire of every nation, by caring for the least.


To donate generally to the work of JMI, click here: www.justiceandmercy.org/donate

And, check out our Christmas giving catalog here: www.justiceandmercy.org/Christmas-catalog

-Rachel Trammell, Sponsorship & Development Director

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