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Bill Gates’ Money

I do not have the kind of money Bill Gates’ has, and I’m not even sure I’d want it. Seriously. That’s a massive level of responsibility and stress. I have, however, dreamed many times about what I’d do if I did have Bill Gates money. I know I would first set it up where my boys and my wife would obviously be set for life. Then I’d do the same for my parents and Michelle’s parents. The same is true for the rest of my family. That’s where it always stops for me, that is, what would I do after that? I now know.A few weeks ago I went on a mission trip to Moldova, a poverty-stricken country formerly a part of the Soviet Union, to work with orphans through a ministry called Justice and Mercy International (JMI).

JMI is absolutely the most hands-on global justice ministry I’ve ever seen. It’s a fact that 70% of the boys who are orphans, once kicked out of the orphanage at age 15, end up arrested for survival crimes. It’s a fact that 70% of the girls who are orphans, once kicked out of the orphanage at age 15, are trafficked into the sex slave trade. So, if I had Bill Gates’ money I’d work with JMI to help fulfill their vision of building even more transition homes than they already have to help kids one they are put out on the street.

I don’t have Bill Gates’ money, but my wife, Michelle, and I do have $35 a month, to sponsor a child. Through JMI, I can literally go back to Moldova, hug a child’s neck, touch the clothes I’ve put on their body, and see the hope in their eyes from knowing that somebody in America loves them. Knows them. Writes to them. Comes back to see them.

So instead of eating out 8 times a month, we’re eating out 7 times instead, so that our $35, instead of going to Logan’s Roadhouse, will go to Mihaela … English for Michelle 🙂

Author: Jason Cruise

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