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3 Reasons to Host a Table at the JMI Gala

1. To usher others into the cause of the vulnerable.

Perhaps you have been to Moldova, the Amazon, or South Africa. Maybe God has just recently begun to break your heart for the poor and vulnerable around the world. Maybe you have sponsored an orphan for years. Wherever you are, make no mistake: you are called to “love mercy, to do justice, and to walk humbly with God.” Hosting a table at the JMI Gala allows you to invite others to link arms with JMI into the hard but good work of caring for the last, least, and lost.

2. To follow the command of Scripture to give and serve sacrificially for the Kingdom’s sake.

Justice is inseparable from the Gospel. Jesus, the Servant-King, lived as the ultimate example of humility and self-sacrifice, and the commands of the Bible are clear: we, too, are to be a people of great generosity and sacrificial service. Would you take a step of faith? Let’s hold loosely to fleeting riches and possessions. Let’s invest in something eternal. Let’s open our hands and see what the Father does with simple obedience. 

 3. To celebrate the beautiful story of redemption that the Father has invited JMI to be a part of. 

Jungle Pastors have been trained and equipped. Orphans have come to know meaningful relationship. Teens have been discipled in the Gospel. Flooding relief has been offered. Village schools have been built.

God continues to do so much among those we care so deeply for in Moldova, the Amazon, and South Africa. We stand in awe that he would invite us to be the feet that carry the Good News. Thus, the JMI Gala is a celebration. There will be delicious food, great live music, and much rejoicing in all the Father has done in our midst. Won’t you come celebrate His goodness with us?


To host a table at the JMI Gala, email Kari at [email protected] or go to justiceandmercy.org/gala2015 .

Want to serve as a volunteer? Fill out this 3 question form and we will be in touch: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1D9nrb_z9dyOolta_4pyXjDztq1T-VyD_isDCRZKMp5Y/viewform?usp=send_form

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