If you live in the UK or Brazil, email Rachel Trammell to set up a sponsorship.


Vulnerable Child Sponsorships ($40 per month)

In addition to the poverty that many River families face, one of the biggest obstacles for those that live in the Amazon is access to education. Our Amazon child sponsorships will work through local churches and provide tutoring and spiritual development, as well as physical needs such as shoes, clothes, hygiene items, and school supplies.  

Jungle Pastors’ Conference ($35 per month)

This sponsorship ($420 per year) pays for expenses for one pastor or pastor’s wife to attend our annual conference. The pastors and pastors’ wives have all of their meals and accommodations paid for 5 days. JMA brings in amazing pastors and leaders from Brazil and the US to teach and encourage these saints. At this conference pastors receive biblical and practical training that will help them disciple the people in their church and run an effective ministry wherever they live in the Amazon region.

Special Needs Kids ($75 per month)

Through our Special Needs Kids Sponsorship these “least of these” are cared for, and their families encouraged, through regular visits, help with food and medicines, and the knowledge that someone loves them. Sponsors will receive monthly reports and photos of the children they support.

Medical Assistance ($35 per month)

The forgotten people of the Amazon often do not have access to medical care. JMA hopes to partner with Brazilian doctors and others in order to make access readily available to these vital services. Your ongoing support helps fund transporting volunteer medical staff to the Centre, buying necessary medicines and supplies, and provides fuel for our generator to power the Centre during clinics.

Emergency Food Aid ($50 per month)

$50 per month provides one food bag for a family that will feed them for a month. Half of each year in the Amazon is the rainy season. The first quarter of the year often brings desolation to the Jungle people in the form of massive flooding. Many villages will be underwater and many more cut off from being able to find food. JMA is one of just a few organizations that bring relief to these starving people, providing food bags and food items. Through the work of JMA many communities have begun to realize that God loves and cares for them and many have turned to Him as their Savior.

Build/support a school fund ($25 per month)

It takes approximately $20,000 US dollars to build an adequate school building for most small villages. Some of these schools are then adopted by the government. Others require ongoing support for a teacher or for resources. When you choose to give monthly to this sponsorship program it allows JMA to build a fund for ongoing needs related to education–one of our top priorities in the Amazon region.

Mosquito Nets ($30 per month)

You can save a life by providing mosquito nets. $30 per month provides two mosquito nets for families who live in malaria-infected areas in the Amazon.

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