With regard to programs, JMI is committed to employing truly exceptional people in the service of the most vulnerable children and families in the most resource-deficient places in the world.  We believe that transforming shattered lives is most effectively accomplished when people are in relationship, recognizing that both parties are enriched regardless of who is the “minister” and who is the “victim”.  Therefore, our programs thrive on the combination of uniquely configured and sustainable services, provided by teams of staff and volunteers that are intimately invested in the best interests of people needing a hand up in life.

JMI has been one of the pioneers in residential transitional living programs in the country of Moldova.  In 2008, Grace House was our first effort in providing safe care, counseling and specialized training for girls at high risk.  In 2010 we initiated a similar program for boys, Boys2Leaders, with some modifications toward a leadership model.  Our long-term plan calls for additional facilities that will include expanded services for non-residential clients in need.


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