Vulnerable Child Sponsorships ($40 per month)

Your monthly gift will allow JMI to do the following for the child you sponsor:

  • Purchase seasonal clothes and shoes (including hats, gloves, underwear, socks, etc.) twice each year;
  • provide hygiene supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, gender-specific items) four times per year;
  • purchase school supplies at least once every year;
  • provide access to a case worker and translator for communication with their sponsor year-round;
  • provide coverage of miscellaneous expenses (medical, dental, etc.) on an as-needed basis.

Transitional Living Non-Residential ($85 per month)

Through this program you can support a needy young person who has been discharged from an orphanage and needs help to survive on her own. Your monthly gift will be used for higher education, renting a room from a family, food, healthcare and other needs.

Transitional Living Sponsorships


Transitional living for girls

The government institutional care of orphaned and abandoned children lasts until they reach the age of 16, or the U.S. equivalent of the freshman year of high school. They are then on their own with no family, no home, and no support. JMI’s transitional living program is an effort to meet the needs of these vulnerable young people. JMI owns a house, called Grace House, in Moldova’s capital city of Chisinau for this purpose. At Grace House, girls have the opportunity to continue their education, meet with a social worker to address their needs, receive the love and support of the JMI staff, plus participate in English lessons, life skills classes, computer classes, and Bible studies. This sponsorship is a 2-3 year commitment, which allows girls time to complete their next level of schooling, as well as develop necessary skills to live successful lives as independent women. If $280 is not feasible for you, shared sponsorships with family or friends are welcomed.  Email [email protected] for more information.

Transitional Living for Boys

We have high expectations for our guys aged 16-20. These young men have grown up in orphanages without any encouragement from parents.  Those in our boys transitional living program are provided a safe place to live, money for food and training in English, computer skills and life skills and case management.  While in the program, they have the opportunity to

  • pursue higher levels of education and/or work
  • volunteer in their churches or communities
  • help us lead out in our summer camps

Sponsors and mentors can communicate with the guys via email and contribute $280 per month toward their living and school expenses. If $280 is not feasible for you, shared sponsorships with family or friends are welcomed. 

Email [email protected] for more information.

Independent Living

Independent Living is a phase for students who have graduated JMI’s Transitional Living program. In this phase, JMI will oversee their move to apartments. The students in this program are exemplary young people who have benefited greatly from our services and have proven themselves ready to take the next step to a less restrictive environment.

Independent Living participants will either attend a university or begin working. As a part of this program, they will have the support of the JMI staff and sponsors, but be encouraged and expected to transition into life as independent citizens.

Special Needs

Your monthly gift provides a special needs child with the medical care and medicines needed to live a healthy and productive life. Your funds will also allow our staff to conduct regular check-ins with the child and his/her family, as well as basic necessities for the individual or family as needed.

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