Grace House

Every year, hundreds of 16 year old orphaned and abandoned girls graduate from state-run boarding schools spread out across the country of Moldova. They have grown up in these underfunded schools….schools that receive about $1 a day per child for their complete care. What core strengths do they take with them when…

  • They’ve not been given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves, so they haven’t learned how to make good choices.
  • They have been deprived of witnessing normal family interactions so they will eventually enter marital relationships with only the memories of poverty, alcoholism issues and in many, many cases, family violence as their role models.
  • They have internalized the cultural misinformation that children growing up in orphanages are less intelligent.
  • They have no family to encourage them in their future studies, vocational choices and personal values.
  • They are defenseless, anonymous, naïve and the easy, natural prey of human traffickers.

Grace House was born out of JMI’s desire to counter each of these deficits with stable resources for the most acutely vulnerable. Its goal is to bridge a past deprived of love and nurture with a hope built on tangible, sustainable human investment.

If judged solely on the basis of numbers, Grace House can’t compare to our camp or orphan sponsorship programs or those of nonprofits who provide a single product distributed to the masses. Grace House is designed to do the more holistic, personally meaningful work of changing the prescribed destinies of helpless children by providing surrogate family, life and vocational mentors, educational accountability, socialization, help with apprenticeships and job placement, English and computer acquisition skills, spiritual/moral development, volunteerism, counseling, food, clothing and shelter. Our belief is that the concentrated investment of our staff and partners in children will result in adults whose lives have positive ripple effects for their future families, the integrity of their business dealings and among those they reach back to help.

For those who want to make a life-changing difference for a child, Transitional Living Sponsorships are urgently requested at $280 per month. And for anyone who wants to consider a legacy gift that will help change hundreds of lives by allowing us to purchase future such homes for children, please contact Steve Davis at [email protected].

A Moldovan orphan’s most vulnerable period of life is the year following their graduation from the orphanage.  JMI is committed to expanding its transitional living program to include more of these at-risk children, both boys and girls.  We still have a mortgage to pay on our first transitional living home purchased in 2013!  Please consider joining us in this life-critical venture!

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