TEAM 1         June 29-July 6

  • Team leaders:  Jeff Simmons: staff leader and Lynn Hendrich: team coordinator
  • Place of service:  Internat 2 summer camp
  • Approximate # of children:  120-140
  • Team accommodations:  Victor & Valentina’s house

TEAM 2         July 6-13

  • Team leaders:  Laura Chapman, staff leader
  • Place of service:  Carpineni (community based camp)
  • Approximate # of children:  ????  (This is our first attempt to conduct a camp for this community.  Best guesstimate is 30 day 1 and 75 by day 5)
  • Team accommodations:  Victor & Valentina’s house


  • March 3          COMMITMENT SUNDAY!           $500 deposit due (non-refundable)

Distribute JMI forms to be completed; sign up for your team of choice;  brief gathering with your team leaders to partner the veterans with the rookies (in order to have a connection for questions that arise about such things as accommodations, food, transportation, etc.); distribute and discuss sample solicitation letter to raise financial support.

  • April 7            First Team Meeting                           $750 due

Training will include topics for your awareness:  cultural issues; safety and health concerns; do’s and don’ts with children; introduction of camp theme and curriculum; assignment of activity leaders (music and dance/recreation/crafts/life skills/worship and skits); review the daily schedule.

  • May 5             Second Team Meeting                      $750 due

Distribute team notebooks with curriculum; discuss the presentation of the curriculum in terms of age-appropriateness, good discussion questions and level of familiarity with the stories; report on plans for crafts and supplies needed; report on plans for music and dance and supplies needed; report on plans for sports and supplies needed; report on plans for life skills and supplies needed; discuss flight plans.

  • June 2             Third Team Meeting                         $700 due

This meeting can be used to refine your team’s plans…are all supplies purchased?; discuss nuances of teaching the Bible stories to make them as interesting as possible; discuss the use of interpreters; review your packing list to minimize the number of checked bags.

  • TBA                Packing Parties

Review your team plans to rendezvous at the airport a minimum of 2 hours in advance; distribute team        t-shirts; distribute JMI luggage tags; discuss your plans for getting through Customs and how to deal with any issues that might arise there; get the Steve Davis reminder lecture on  appropriate and inappropriate things to say around Moldovans, caution to the veterans about being too overconfident and independent, and ways of behaving in the city that are different than at camps


  • Team 1:  Increasing favor with the new administration at Internat 2
  • Incorporating a puppet ministry (teams need to create skit dialogue that integrates with the camp theme for translation so that our transitional kids can perform them…evenings can be used to coach them and refine their skills)
  • Team 2:  Forge a relationship with the local Baptist pastor in Carpineni – Pastor Nicholae – who we will ask to participate with us in the camp
  • Team 2:  We will need to do some canvassing of the community and/or plan some attention-getting activities (fireworks/banners/etc.)
  • Team 2:  Find the lost sheep!  Our team will need to interview children to identify those who are orphaned, abandoned or living in extreme poverty.  The team will plan to fill bags of staple foods to deliver to the kids’ families to get a first hand awareness of their living conditions
  • Plans to begin storing left-over supplies








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