Ever since we initiated our girls’ transitional living program in Moldova, people have been asking, “But what about the boys?”  Well, allow me to introduce you to Boys2Leaders!

Boys2Leaders is a transitional program that follows a leadership/intern training model.  The boys selected for this program will be orphaned, abandoned or otherwise acutely dependent and meet a high standard of excellence in character, work and study habits and behavior.

Here is a sample of the program’s goals and expectations:

Qualifications for Inclusion

(Students are included on the basis of past observation and anticipated success)

  • Sponsor(s) or staff recommendation based on personal knowledge of the candidate’s character, scholastics, devotion to their faith and aptitude for success in the program
  • The endorsement of JMI’s National Director for Moldova
  • Strict adherence to the expectations of the program
  • Ability to function responsibly and cooperatively in the least restrictive environment
  • Willingness and ability to consistently represent the ideals and purposes of JMI to the public, peers and clients/teams of the organization
  • Be a graduate of the 8th grade with an educational plan that includes higher levels of study or work-study

Expectations of Participating Students

  • Pursue secondary education or a trade school
    • Demonstrate exemplary performance in grades, attendance and citizenship
    • Present an accounting for grades to JMI staff weekly or as requested
  • Demonstrate the highest degree of character
    • Attend church of choice weekly
    • Consistently tells the truth
    • Abstains from smoking and drinking
    • Refrains from using profanity or pornography (responsibly uses the internet)
    • Noted for humility and a servant’s heart
    • Positive mental attitude
    • Spends time wisely (documents a disciplined plan for daily study, service, personal devotion and prayer and recreation/free time)
  • Represents JMI as a staff intern
    • Formulates and presents a plan to volunteer at church, an orphanage or community to JMI staff for approval, consultation on planning and an accountability plan
    • When not involved in school or work and when invited, serves as a translator for JMI teams at summer camps and winter events
  • Pursues documented goals for English acquisition, computer proficiency and life skills
  • Communicates appropriately and weekly with sponsor(s), giving an accurate accounting of school status and personal progress/need for improvement
  • Handles chore assignments in a timely fashion
  • Meet weekly with JMI’s staff assigned to the program and accurately report progress and discuss issues affecting the student and his relationships
  • Responsibly maintain the apartment, furnishings and utilities provided by JMI
  • Transition from school to work at the appropriate time

Student Benefits

  • Student will be allowed to live in an apartment, the rent and utilities are paid for from regular gifts of their JMI sponsors
  • Student will receive case management services from JMI that will include:
    • Weekly contact (personal or by phone) with a JMI staff  member
    • Monthly face to face meetings with a JMI staff member
    • Weekly accountability for all areas of school performance, church attendance, volunteer project and personal/spiritual growth
    • Goal formulation in collaboration with a case manager and a documented discharge plan
  • Student will receive a monthly stipend for food, tuition (if applicable), school or work supplies and transportation as determined among JMI staff and sponsors
  • Student will receive training as needed from staff or volunteer teams in life skills such as food preparation, computer skills, money management, English acquisition, job preparation, leadership training and effective work habits
  • Student will learn the value of a work ethic, personal disciplines and volunteerism
  • Student will receive tutoring as needed to maintain a healthy grade point average
  • Student will be exposed to a growing number of healthy role models
  • Student will be offered opportunities to participate in any microenterprise opportunities or subsidized job internships launched by JMI

If you’d like to hear more about this exciting new program or consider investing yourself as a sponsor, please contact [email protected]!

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