Our Missional Strategy


We work through LOCAL national, indigenous leaders as we equip and partner with them to make justice personal for the people of their country, thereby allowing them to effectively fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission and usher in the fullness of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Because national leaders speak the language and know the culture of their country, they are better equipped to meet the needs of their people. Therefore, our national, in-country staff is empowered to lead the ministry of JMI.


We seek to EMPOWER people, rather than enable them. Therefore, we intentionally set aside our instinct to fix a problem, which if we are honest, oftentimes makes us feel better about the work we do, and we seek to empower the disenfranchised and equip those without knowledge. We do so to ensure people have the resources and tools they need to flourish long after we depart.


We work through the local CHURCH to minister to the needs of their villages and cities. Our desire is to equip pastors and churches with the tools and resources they need to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.


We make a deep COMMITMENT to each country or region where we work. Therefore, our dedication is life-long as we seek a time when a new generation of leaders are equipped, through the Gospel, to bring about spiritual, social, and economic change all for the glory of our great God.

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