Join Our Fundraising Team! 

We have an exciting and challenging fundraising opportunity for Justice and Mercy International (JMI) taking place this fall.  

What is the opportunity?  Raising money for JMI by fielding a team (or teams) in the Tennessee Ragnar Relay.  

The 2019 Tennessee Ragnar Relay will take place on November 8 and 9.  For those of you not familiar with this event, twelve-person teams run relay-style from downtown Chattanooga to downtown Nashville through scenic, and safe, Tennessee countryside.  Each team member runs 3 legs of various lengths and difficulty.  Support vehicles are used to transport runners between relay exchange points.  If you want more info about the event, click here.   

I recently met with some of JMI’s leadership team, and they are excited about what we can accomplish together through our involvement in this event.  JMI is committed to creating a dedicated page on their website for us, supporting our efforts through social media and other avenues, and helping us meet a fundraising goal.  We firmly believe that a twelve-man team can raise in excess of $10,000 for JMI.  Think about the tangible benefits our efforts would yield for those people touched by JMI. 

If you are interested at all in learning more about joining the team, email me ([email protected]) and we can discuss further. There is a registration cost to share amongst the team, as well as crew support costs, and we can talk about that more with those that are interested.  

Let’s help JMI impact lives for Christ around the world.  

Gordon Boutwell

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