LemonAID… more than just a kid’s business

Posted by JMI on Aug 20 2011

LemonAID Club is more than just a kid’s business. It is a way to teach philanthropic ideals by having kids helping other kids. This philosophy is at the core of JMI, people reaching out to others. By utilizing the Christian values of brotherly love, charity and sharing in God’s glory, humanity as a whole becomes more spiritually enriched.

LemonAID Club began as a way to teach children how to run a business. The oldest kid’s business is the summer lemonade stand. We taught budgeting, money basics, banking, Research and Development, advertising and execution. The children spent a class each month building towards the big lemonade stand. They developed their own lemonade recipe by experimenting. The whole group went to the store and compared prices and worked within the initial “loan” of $100. The kid’s built their own stand and designed their own advertising. They even partnered with an advertising agency and radio station to spread the word. The whole event happened during the YMCA baseball games on a Saturday. The kids raised, for Moldova Orphanage and Grace House, a grand total of $404.18.

This concept can easily be employed by anyone, by using a simple table, signs and sitting outside your front yard. It is the ingenuity and working towards a goal that generated the children’s excitement. The idea, that anyone at any age, can truly make a difference and really affect positive change. “Kids helping Kids” is more than just a slogan, it proves that even children have the potential to really change the world for the better.

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